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To solve the whole complexity related to intercommunication and data integration, the consortium is coordinated by EDICOM, as Certification Authority and qualified trust service provider (according to EU Regulation 910/2014), and will employ the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, used by more than 15.000 companies all over the world.

EDICOM will also implement a multi-syntax solution able to handle e-invoicing in multiple standards, according to the needs of each participant with their own ERP systems and the specifications detailed in the European regulation, in order to achieve semantically interoperable electronic documents in the EU scope. The project is also based on the PEPPOL specifications considering that all participants will use a Peppol Access Point to communicate with others to exchange the electronic invoices.

Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1129678
Action No: 2015-EU-IA-0058
Start date: 01/10/2016
Duration: 13 months

CEF programme and Grant Agreement managed by INEA, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

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eInvoicing CEF Building Block



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Resolutions to the technical and legal barriers to the European eInvoicing interoperability implementation

Resolutions to the technical and legal barriers to the European eInvoicing interoperability implementation

The EU Directive 2014/55 defines that the CEN will publish the semantic standard that will define the minimum data to be included in a European invoice. This semantic standard will accept multiple data formats and the directive emphasizes that the electronic invoices standards and procedures defined by each country will continue to be valid. Additionally, all member states shall adopt, publish and apply laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive, generatingmultiple laws and technical documents from different countries to be considered by our consortium.

Other barrier that is actually been treated is that the PEPPOL eDelivery solutions are limited to the UBL invoice standard. The solution to this barrier is being implemented by a work group of PEPPOL, coordinated by an EDICOM specialist that is also part of this consortium project, Mr. Juan Baldovi, based on a creation of a new type of message that will have attached the different invoice formats accepted according to the EU directive.

In this sense, during the development of the project a lot of technical and legal documents associated to the European invoice will be publish and have to be taken into account to our platform and pilot enrolment. This activity will review these new documents to identify the technical and legal barriers, implement adapted solutions and support the entities dealing with these new issues. The results of this activity will be used to validate the platform and to the dissemination and communication activities.

Deployment of the eInvoicing tools within the EDICOM Cloud Platform and via PEPPOL network

 Deployment of the eInvoicing tools within the EDICOM Cloud Platform and via PEPPOL network

Edicom provides eInvoicing services with the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, a technological framework with software designed in-house, constantly updated hardware, communications systems and management services, used by thousands of customers all over the world to set up and manage cutting-edge B2B e-commerce models. For the development of this project, this activity will consist on selecting, adapting and configuring the communication solutions and data integration tools to the consortium necessities.

It includes the implementation of the multi-syntax solution able to handle e-invoicing in multiple standards, at both European and member state levels. Additionally, as these tools are shared between all users, the configuration made to this consortium will be also available to the thousands of actual customers to the crossborder exchange of European eInvoices.

Public Health End User Implementations

 Public Health End User Implementations

The activity consists of implementing the European electronic invoice in several entities of this consortium from the Public Health area. On the one hand, each entity will develop in their ERP (enterprise resource planning) software the integration of the semantic model of the European eInvoicing to accomplish the EU Directive 2014/55, always taking in to account the specific requirements encountered on the European countries.

On the other hand, the automated interoperation and intercommunication will be deployed within the EDICOM B2B Platform and will also use PEPPOL, according to the specific need of each entity and considering the characteristics of the Public Health area. In this sense, EDICOM, the universities of Valencia and the University of Calabria will enrol the first intercommunication tests with different PEPPOL Access Points to the exchange of the electronic invoices.

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

This activity will design a plan of action with the aim to spread the results achieved in the project and to create a strong awareness of the initiative at European level; also, will explore the economic feasibility of the solution as a commercial product through the elaboration of a comprehensive business plan.

Dissemination is very focused on helping the exploitation plan to make a sustainable project in the future and will start with the diffusion of this project to the more than 14.000 companies or public entities customers of EDICOM that already use the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

Communication will amplify the visibility of this project using several channels of diffusion. This is a crucial part of action for ensuring a large project communication to a wide number of potential users around Europe. It will seek to build a powerful database of stakeholders and potential users of the platform supporting the efforts to the exploitation plan and dissemination




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