Enhance eInvoincing
interoperability to ease the adoption of the e-Invoicing Regulation

Increase user
awareness of electronic eInvoicing benefits and GOVEIN solution

eInvoicing Services
Business Development to ensure the sustainability of the action 


To solve the whole complexity related to intercommunication and data integration, the consortium is coordinated by EDICOM, as Certification Authority and qualified trust service provider (according to EU Regulation 910/2014), and will employ the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, used by more than 15.000 companies all over the world.

EDICOM will also implement a multi-syntax solution able to handle e-invoicing in multiple standards, according to the needs of each participant with their own ERP systems and the specifications detailed in the European regulation, in order to achieve semantically interoperable electronic documents in the EU scope. The project is also based on the PEPPOL specifications considering that all participants will use a Peppol Access Point to communicate with others to exchange the electronic invoices.

Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1129678
Action No: 2015-EU-IA-0058
Start date: 01/10/2016
Duration: 13 months

CEF programme and Grant Agreement managed by INEA, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Solution implemented on
eInvoicing CEF Building Block

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