End of the GOVeIN project


The GOVeIN project has ended.

The main objectives of the project have been achieved. They can be summarized in the following items:

  • Enhance eInvoincing interoperability by the implementation of a multi‐syntax solution able  to  handle  e‐invoicing  in  multiple  standards,  according  to  the  needs  of each participant with  their own  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  systems  and  the specifications detailed in the European regulation (including EN invoicing standard and as a starting point PEPPOL BIS), in order to achieve semantically interoperable electronic documents.
  • Increase user awareness and adoption of the eInvoicing Directive. The action will develop a communication plan to business, public authorities and other stakeholders in the health sector, based on a successful deployment of the solution during the action to 9 End Users (buyers and sellers) from several European.
  • eInvoicing Services Business  Development:  The  action  will  undertake  the  market analysis and business plan to ensure the sustainbility of the action.

In the next few days we will put at your disposal more information of the data obtained thanks to the implementation of the solution that promotes the project.

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